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“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”  

Winston Churchill


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Eyes focused     Mindset Open   Hands-to-Heart Connected   2 Minutes to THE DEEPEST PLACE of CONNECTION & INTIMACY   These 2 Minutes are a focused eye-to-eye & (right) hand-to-heart connection   To bring you back to that space & place of  knowing   'Why' you share love with each other   Make sure you're both in that...

Hitting the Reset Button on emotional frustration, turmoil and that spiraling downward place and space can be one of the most powerful tools to use to take you from going 'Postal' to getting CENTERED, PEACEFUL & CALM.                  ...

5 Types of Toxic Time-Wasting Men to Avoid | Tuning in to the One Have you ever been on a date with a guy who raised some red flags for you? Have you ever gone out with a guy again who raised...

Attracting A Good Man (or Woman) is a matter of 3 easy pieces.   What you think.  What you feel.  What you hold onto from the Past.  These three pieces have a very strong place and you can get so much insight into what you attract in...

Speak Your Piece & Keep The Peace Script & Video This is one of those ultimate grouping of words and phrasing designed to be your "go-to" Script so you CAN get out of almost any challenging or uncomfortable situation, date or moment where you want to...

Connection     Compatibility     Communication     Chemistry These are the 4 Core Sacred Soulmate Signals.  They are a living, breathing and dynamic foundation for sacred & intimate partnerships, as well as ALL our relationships.  The 4 Core Sacred Soulmate Signals are keys that...

  The Pull Away & Push Away after getting close or getting intimate is a classic get close then pull back dynamic that many many many end up using and practicing.  Why?   Men get close and then pull away or push back or even just plain vanish...

Want to know how to recognize your Soulmate?   There are some great ways to read, perceive, hear and tell what some of the more obvious and common tells on signals and signs are.  So that when you hear or see or feel something and then say...

Men want.. Variety Inspiration Supportive "Team' Player The 'right' kind of Crazy or Challenges Click Here Watch Video - What Men Really Want! ...